A Conversation on Antisemitism

Please join The Rt Hon Lord John Mann, Baroness Meta Ramsay & Josh Burns MP in conversation on left wing antisemitism – Corbyn, the UK Equality and Human Rights Commission report and lessons for Australia.

Lord John Mann is a former Labour MP and now the British Government’s independent advisor on antisemitism; Baroness Meta Ramsay is a Labour Member of the House of Lords; and Josh Burns is the Labor Member for Macnamara.

Monday 30 November 2020
2000 AEDT (8:00pm) – Melbourne / Sydney
0900 GMT (9:00am) – London
1100 IST (11:00am) – Tel Aviv

Missions to Israel

Each year, AILD conducts study missions to Israel.

The purpose of the missions is to allow ALP activists and trade union leaders to experience Israel and Palestine for themselves.

Mission participants establish links and bonds with key Labor Party officials, Labor Members of Knesset and trade union leaders.

Participants also meet with other key decision makers and thought leaders, and get to hear about how the conflict impacts on Jewish Israelis, Arab Israelis  and Palestinians.

The missions also focus on a range of issues beyond the Israeli-Arab conflict. Participants are often surprised to learn that Australia and Israel have many social justice challenges in common.

If you work in the Australian union movement and would like to participate in an AILD trade union study mission, please send us an expression of interest.

Gay Pride

Tel Aviv Gay Pride has become one of the biggest events of the year in Tel Aviv. Visitors from all over Israel and the world come out in full force to celebrate. The city lights up in color and energy, proving its reputation as the gay capital of the Middle East, and perhaps even one of the gay capitals of the World.

Tel Aviv Gay Pride Week takes place every June, with a surge of gay-friendly events taking place across the city, culminating on the Friday with the famed pride parade.

The parade concludes at the stunning Tel Aviv promenade by the shores of the beautiful Tel Aviv coastline where it turns into an epic adrenaline-charged beach party featuring leading DJs and live performances, lasting well into the small hours of the night.

Prior to the introduction of COVID-19 related restrictions, the 2020 parade was scheduled to take place on June 12th 2020.

If you are a member or friend of Rainbow Labor in Australia and would like to march in 2021 behind Labor Party flags as part of the Labor Party contingent, please send us an expression of interest..